Our bar is located right under the hotel and is open 24 hours / 24 all year long.










Our Belgian Beers :
Kriek St. Louis (4°)
This beer has a ruby color, with a fine pink foam and a very fruity nose is slightly sweet.

▪ Hoegardeen Blanche (4,9°)
Hoegaarden is a white Belgian beer that is among the best known outside the Kingdom of Belgium. It is adorned with a beautiful creamy and durable white foam crossed by a delicate effervescence. It gives off a nice fruity and spicy nose reminiscent of citrus, coriander and hops.

▪ Leffe Blond (6,6°)
Brewed by Leffe Abbey since 1240, this beer has a character in the height of his fame. Leffe Blond adorn itself in the glass with a beautiful dress of a coppery blond wearing a creamy and persistent foam. It develops a nice effervescence, moderate but substainable.

Hoegardeen Blanche





























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